Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Secrets

♥ ♥ Friends ♥ ♥

in Our lives,
we aim fOr One thing; success,
tO be the best, tO beat the rest,
in Our jOurney, we Often fall,
but with Our FRIENDS, we face it all...

they are with us, by hOok Or by crOok,
they believe in us, in the jOurney we take,
FRIENDS are cOmpaniOn whO care fOr us,
knOw this, fOr they are the Ones tO trust,
but sOmetimes, Our life is unfair,
we Often drift intO anger's lair,
Our heart will be cOnquered by anger,
if we dOn't avOid it, we'll be in danger,
Our wOrds are as sharp as a knife,
as a result, we fOrget the mOst valuable things in life...

wake up, my FRIENDS,
dOn't sleep till the end,
fOrgive me, my FRIENDS, fOrgive me,
fOr all the mistakes i've dOne...

u gave me the cOurage tO fight,
but i did nOt realize that u're bleeding inside,
dOn't wOrry my FRIENDS,
as lOng as i live,
everything fOr u i'm willing tO give,
i'll avenge Our fate,
let's rise my FRIENDS befOre it's tOo late,
let us stay tOgether and find hOpe,
frOm the ashes Of the brOken hOme,
dOn't leave me, my FRIENDS,
be with me till the end,
fOr success lie within everyOne Of us,
and finding it we must,
altOgether, we'll make this wOrld better,
befOre, nOw and fOrever...



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